Sundays     9:30 – 11am

Yoga for everyone…  with Kavita!

Refresh your Sundays

Refresh your Sundays

Yoga with Kavita

9:30 to 11:00


Yoga sessions are held every Sunday from 9:30 – 11am and are guided by experienced yoga practitioner Kavita Lori Richardson, employing a unique and eclectic mix of Kripalu, viniyoga and vinyasa traditions, restorative yoga and Buddhist meditation. Each class is different and will shake up your practice with new techniques, with an emphasis on peace in body and mind, active mindfulness and breath awareness. Kavita structures each session depending on the needs and abilities of those in attendance, allowing anyone interested to enjoy the benefits of yoga no matter what age, physical aptitude or level of experience!

The benefits of yoga span the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual:

  • Improved health, relaxation, and calmness
  • Increased strength and flexibility to face our challenges
  • Increased energy and body awareness
  • Mindfulness, leading to more conscious choices
  • Inner peace and strength for nonviolent action in the world
  • Experience of our interconnection with each other and the earth

Join us!

Yoga may be attended freely without appointment or membership! Come by on Sunday and check us out!

*Small donation suggested.


karinalutz@hotmail.comKarina received 200 hours of training at Kripalu Yoga Center for Yoga and Health, and has studied with yogis Sudhir Jonathan Faust, Ken Nelson, Sri Swami, Mayatitananda, Maria KaliMa, and Buddhist teachers Joanna Macy and Joanne Friday. Karina also leads yoga sessions at  the Santosha Yoga Studio in Cranston, RI. Check Karina out at YogaForPeace!