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The Mediator Fellowship is an open community for social and personal betterment, well-being, inspiration and progress. It’s a place where people can come together and connect with one another in mind, body and spirit. All are welcome.

Statement of Purpose

The Mediator Fellowship supports:

Basic human rights and social justice by sponsoring discussions and analysis of the human condition and how it can be improved.

Respect for the natural environment and supports attempts to balance human needs and preservation.

Shared understanding and compassion for others through social interaction.

Shared understanding of truth and beauty through artistic endeavors.


In the beginning, the Mediator Fellowship was a rather conventional Unitarian Universalist church with a minister and a hymnal. Over the years, the church has evolved into an open community with a group of self-governing individuals who meet informally every Sunday at 11am for a weekly forum. Our Sunday morning discussions reflect a diversity of beliefs and life experiences. With a general agreement among us to uphold human rights and spread social justice and equality to all persons, at our foundation is the Unitarian Universalist tenant: that each person is free to develop their own personal belief system.


An open discussion is held each Sunday to share ideas about life and the human condition, with topics ranging from spirituality and philosophy to politics and social issues to personal opinions and more. The forum welcomes all viewpoints and promotes the development of an individual’s own personal, political and spiritual beliefs (or non-beliefs). Participants of the forum come from many different religious and political backgrounds, and participants are free to hold any religious or political affiliations. Though occasionally individual persons may make presentations representing a specific viewpoint, most meetings focus on conversation, listening and learning from one another. So come one, come all! Religiously devout, casually spiritual, atheist, agnostic, pagan; democrat, republican, independent, conservative, radical, left, right and everywhere in-between! Our doors are open!


Throughout each week, the Mediator hall is home to various group activities including yoga, Open Mic Thursdays and Wicca. Sometimes special community outreach endeavors are organized as well.