An open community for social and personal engagement.

The Mediator Fellowship is a cooperative network of individuals and a place for people to come together and connect with each other in mind, body and spirit.  All are welcome.

A space for free-thinkers and independent spirits.

EVERY SUNDAY from 1pm- 2pm

we have a Spiritual Hour with meditation, spoken word and music. Themes of going within, compassion, forgiveness and above all KINDNESS for ALL those who think and believe differently than US.

Activities to enliven and fortify.

Throughout each week, the Mediator hall is home to various group activities including
meditation, open mic night,.  With different events and activities both public and private throughout the year. Contact us on Facebook at our Facebook page to see more of our current events.


Join us!

Join us at our weekly spiritual service Sunday at 1pm or our weekly open mic Thursday at 7pm and make new connections!

Come check us out!

Music Minister – Don Tassone   # 401-447-2996 Join us on Facebook!